Teaser One

"I am going to fold the sun before their very eyes. Soon, I will be God to all on this island.”

Chapter 22

Golden Falcon

"The falcon on it came to life. It jumped off of the coin and stormed skyward letting out an eerie chant."

Chapter 12

Golden DNA

“Hold on to this for it will keep you safe. It is made up of Rumla, the same matter you see all around us,”

Chapter 10 

Teaser Two

"The golden sand glowed with sparkles that looked like millions of tiny light bulbs."

Chapter 3 


"The ground began to quake and the Rumla surrounding them started to whirl faster than a rotor on a helicopter."

Chapter 21 

Reflection of Life

“One thing I now believe with all conviction is that life, both here on the island and on the other side, is a mirror reflection of God Himself."

Chapter 21

A Soul Dwindles at Dusk

"But in an office that stretched an entire floor in one of the sky-preaching towers, the life of one twenty-six-year-old was about to come crashing down."

Chapter 1

Born Again

“One of us is going to the afterlife, and one of us is going to stay behind,” 

Chapter 18

Golden Scriptures

"The inscriptions were revealed to you in the Quran, Bible & Torah. For you to avoid a destruction similar to the one in Sodom & Gomorrah."

Chapter 19

Follow the Sun

"Darien looked up momentarily at the magnificent sun above. She was shining right through his skin and into his very soul."

Chapter 18

Golden Dunes of the UAE

"People of all colors, ethnicities, creed and social statuses came bearing money, knowledge or experience in order to build their legacies in the new kingdom, sprouting out of the desert."

Chapter 1

Mythical Islands

"There was a range of deciduous trees, each glowing with effervescent light from the humidity given off. He was walking on flowering plants and shrubs so soft that he felt like he was walking on air."

Chapter 6

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About the author

Soroosh Shahrivar is an Iranian writer and poet.