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Soroosh Shahrivar is an Iranian writer and poet.

He began writing leisurely from an early age and even flirted as an engineering major with writing during an elective course at Boston University. However, he relinquished his deep calling to pursue success in the financial services industry. It was not until a series of personal and global events in 2012, that he began writing his first book, the Rise of Shams. 

Born in Tehran, raised in Dubai and Moscow, and educated in Boston and Edinburgh – all of which are places and experiences that lend inspiration for his fictional stories, through their own milestones including the Iran-Iraq War, the Russian Perestroika, the tragic incident of 9/11 and Dubai’s economic boom.

His style brings to life Arabic, Persian and Turkish folklore and mythology through a kaleidoscope of historical facts, personal experiences, and imaginary magical worlds.

Playful and curious by nature, he plants a trail of scientific factoids, geometric formulas, and unsolved mysteries that are a crossword for the meaning of life. It is a challenge to read not only between the lines, but also between the layers of his book.

The eminence of time is distinctly felt in his stories. While he banks heavily on the past and borrows prolifically from the future, the most prevailing use of time is of the present, the now.

He is an alumni of Berkshire School, Boston University and the University of Edinburgh. Soroosh is fluent in English, Farsi and Russian, and the unspoken words. 

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Soroosh Shahrivar is an Iranian writer and poet.